Developer (s):

Divide 3000 Games and Albert VaLentino Inc.


Tower Defense

Release date:


ESRB Rating:



User:Hunter Zombie999

WARS is a game made by Albert Valentino and developed by Divide 3000 Games and Albert VaLentino Inc. This is a roleplay, tower defense, adventures, and simulator game. In this game will featuring some characters and buildings from other games, animated series, and even movies!!!


First, there is a Guy that wake up in the middle of WARS. He doesn't know why all the characters from animated series, games, and movies strat a WARS then he try to talk with some characters. They don't know to why they start a WARS. Some characters wanted to know why they start WARS.

Beginning of the game

Randomly you gonna go to Random St. 12924879

Computer: "Welcome to the WARS!"

Computer: "Can you tell your name?" (there is will be a box to write your)

(name): "My name is (name) and this is doesn't like a WARS this is more like a nice town."

Computer: "You will see, close your eye and open it on my mark"

Computer: "Three, Two, One"

Then a nice town turn into a WARS

(name): "What a...?"

Computer: "Now you see"

(name): "What have you done with this town?!"

Computer: "That wasn't me, but you have to find out who do it"


First Quest


Characters and Creatures

Places and Buildings

Quests and Missions

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