Acorn Vs. Acorn is a comedy show written by Naren3000.

Release Date: July 29, 2015


Acorn 1

Acorn 2

Acorn's Dad



In the forest there were two acorns.

They constently kept fighting and fighting.

They never ate, slept or went to the washroom without fighting.

Can you help them stop fighting?

Acorn 1: Grr... Stop blocking my way!!

Acorn VS Acorn

Given by Bonkchoy7.

Acorn 1: Grr... Stop blocking my way!!

Acorn 2: I was here first!!

Acorn 1: No! I gone here first!!

Acorn 2: No! I was in front of you first, so I was first!!

Acorn 1: I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acorn 2: ... Don't we hate each other all the time?

Acorn 1: That's true! BUT GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Acorn's Dad: (from the kitchen) Boys, stop fighting!

Acorn 1: But he's not moving out of the way!

Acorn 2: SO? I'm not moving and that's it.

Acorn 1: Sure you won't?

Acorn 2: (in anger) YES! I WON'T!

Acorn 1: (Slams Acorn 2 on the ground) That's it.

Acorn's Dad: (frustrated) Don't you make me COME THERE or else....

Both Acorns: If you don't wanna come here then don't!

Acorn's Dad: That's it. You're grounded for 2 weeks. GO TO YOUR ROOMS!

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