Character's Name Toadwel
Age 15 (July 4, 2000)
Size Medium
Mom ?
Dad ?
Skin Colour {White
Body Shape Toadstool
Attack 1
Attack 2
Attack 3
Toadwel is a character in the game Diverse. It is based of the frog and toadstool. This is the only species with a head and legs only. Its head is a frog while its legs are a toadstool's stem.

He has a cheer in which he says, "Toads Arising!".

He has 125 health.


  • Toadwel's cheer is, "Flinn Flicker!".
  • His parents are shown in Diverse in the episode, "January 2992 - December 2992".
  • He appears as a frog like plant in the game.
  • His cheer is said because he has it as his attack and the attack brings an army of toads.
  • He first debuts in Diverse.
  • It's maximum level is 20.


Gobble (Level 0) (Does 7 Damage To Opponent) 

Tongue Twister (Level 0) (Protects You By 20 health) Dissappears at 112/125

Cute Beam (Level 0) (Does 20 Damage To Opponent) Dissappears at 90/125

Toad Army (Level 14) (Brings an army of Toadwels with 4 of them each doing 7 damage) Dissappears at 81/125

Fly Recycle (Level 20)  (Gobbles Oppenent stunning it so it loses a turb. Dissappears at 118/125