The Amazing DRPG, or just DRPG is a game created by Dragon Plants Inc and any companies who want to sponsor it. It is named after The battle dragon trainer, the main creator.


DRPG is an RPG game where the character creates an army of video game/TV show/book/other media characters and uses them to fight enemies and other players. There is hero characters and normal characters. Hero characters are limited to only 1 of each, though the player can have an infinite number of different hero characters. Other characters you can have infininte amounts of each.


Hero Characters

This will be a seperate page in a bit.

Name Promotion Pic In-Game Pic Abilities Unlocked From
Exclusive from DPI Darkfang TBA TBA Dark Slash Start TBDT Ideas
Spia the Rotobaga TBA TBA Spin Seed Start PvZ:SS
How to train your dragon