Specific to SC Sh:


Wi-fi access needed because the require icludes players on online.


Sourcreams are obtained when the user breeds a sour or cream with another user's sour or cream. The other character has to have the opposite character or it will not work.


You can get friends by clicking the menu button and clicking friends and choose a friend or breed with another friend to get one.


You can get tracked in this game for hacking. You get banned for 4 weeks the fist time and get arrested next.


To explore out of your island, click adventure on the menu and click a friend's island to explore/trade items. You can also trade characters but you have to agree first what you're trading. No wi-fi included for the first sentence I said.


Sourhills are food for the character. A character can live up to 7 days and then pass out. To revive them, use a potion. If your characters had homes with more than one character, you feed the whole house with one sourhill.


Houses are built with 800 coins. Houses make it easier for you to feed the characters with Sourhill and not run out of them.


Clothes are used for your character. You can create it with some yarn. Clothes also boost your character up.


Once a character fights 3 times in a day, it needs rest. Resting takes 2 Hours. This process can be sped up with a potion.


You're allowed to keep your characters on only friend's islands. This will keep you safe from creatures. Even if you have that character in another island, you have to feed them.


Creatures try to destroy you island. You use your characters to fight them. There are creatures name: Big Biter, Fast Runner, Meat Eater. These will only attack when your playing the game. If you get inactive for more than 1 year, the creatures will attack you without you being online.


This game is produced by AVL Inc. and Divide 3000 Games.