Lobbed is a game where you have to lob yourself with Lobs and get through monsters.

You have to aim properly to get through.

Your character cannot touch anything.


Lob's Name: Ability: Effective Through: How To Get:
Tico Lobs the character to your home. None Available at the beginning
Merk Pushes your character effectively to get through bombs. Bombs Completing Level 10
Shocka Absorbs electricity and energizes your character. Electricity Completing Level 35
Crane Fishes the falling character. Water Completing Level 41
Guardlin Pushes you through the river of crocodiles so you can get through safely. Crocodiles Completing Level 56
Slider Slides you past water barriers. Water Barriers Completing Level 68
Click Clok Climbs you up the tree. Trees Completing Level 81
Camelia Gets you through the hot sun. Hot Sun Completing Level 93
Largin Protects you from falling magama and lava. Magma and Lava Completing Level 100
Trav Travels you through subway trains. Trains and Tracks Completing Level 118