This DLC is The darkness expands.It costs 3.99 DLC that you can download and what it does is a second night of terror is added but instead of a forest its your house!Thats right the monsters found your house and they got into your place but now sience your flashlight broke,you will have to listen by the footsteps.You can also go behind furniture to hide... some furniture.Are you ready for them?

What you get after buying the DLC

You get some stuff for the game (part 1)

You get a flashlight that has unlimited power and a golden light

You get a map but you have to switch between the flashlight and the map (Map can get better if unlocking the store O' upgrades)

Night 1, 7 days before Halloween

You see a truck get parked in the parking lot and the protangonist gets out of car and then you enter the house and turn on lights but the lights won't turn on and then a noise come from the upstairs. Then you start the game.

On night 1 you won't see any monsters but a lot of creepy stuff.

Hey!It seems like the creator is still planning but leave your ideas down below I bet he would love to hear them!

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