Hi and welcome to a world where you have to kill a hound before the timer runs out.if the timer runs out the hound will start to come after you and kill you.if you leave when the timer ran out your hillicopter will crash.if you kill the hound you will get a artfact and return it to a museum each time you kill a hound.If you try to get on the plain while the hound is not dead you will not get on.


New update find the new photo system with photo's coming soon.

need a helper with Robo Finder,you,Hinchman,Harpoone,hound protecter destacter,and ext. we'll find Hinchman 2 does alittle more damage to the hound the Hinchman 1 but those two don't share inventory's of armor,guns,and gun ammo making you have to go to the shop more and buying gun ammo for them two.

2 hounds coming soon with 2 people to buy with 4 new enemies so keep an eye out for this update


Charater Photo Evil Nice World Adventage
Hound Yes No Starting place None
Water Hound Yes No Sea Island Goes under water.
Flying Hound Yes No Jungle Dashes through trees.
Zombie Hound Yes No Mansion Call's zombies.
Possesed Hound Yes No Manor Through's bones.
Camo Hound Yes No Forest Blind's In with everything.
Snow Hound Yes No Snowy forest Under snow when your close.
Ghost hound Yes No Haunted factory dissapears when close.
Fire Hound Yes No Dead Forest Turns into a giant fire flame when close by.
Fog Hound Yes No Foggy city Be in fog all the time.
Eletricity hound Yes No Eletricity power plant Barks Eletricity.
Elemental Hound Yes No Mine Has all the ability's like the other's, passes through wall's.
Hound protector Yes No Starting place,mine None
Armored Hound Protector Yes No Sea,Jungle,mine Armored version of hound Protecter.
Robot Hound Protector Yes No Masion,manor,forest,mine Heals the hound.
Zombie Yes No Mansion,Dead Forest,mine Stay's near the hound.
Armed Hound Protecter Yes No Snowyforest,mine Shot's you.
Power hound Protecter Yes No Eletricty Power plant,mine Uses a laser gun.
Ghost hound protector Yes No Haunted factory,mine fly's around the ghost hound as a shield.
You No Yes Starting place None
Hound Protecter destacter No Yes cost:2500 Currency Destract's all hound protecters in the area.(RECOMANDED FOR MINE)
Hinchman No Yes cost:1000 currency Has a AK-47.(RECOMANDED FOR FLYING HOUND)
Harpooner No Yes cost:4500 currency Harpoon's the hound and stops it for 3 seconds.(RECOMANDED FOR ELEMENTAL HOUND)
Robo finder No Yes Cost:10000 currency Finds the hound for you.(RECOMANDED FOR ELEMENTEL HOUND)
Fire extinguisher No Yes Cost:4500 currency Extinguishes fires for you.(RECOMANDED FOR FIRE HOUND)
Eletricty jammer No Yes Cost:7500 Jams laser guns.(RECOMANDED FOR ELETRICITY POWER PLANT)
Hinchman 2 No Yes Cost:2000 currency Does alittle bit more damage then Hinchman 1.