Goomba and Koopa Troopa's Battle is a Tower Defense game where you choose your city (requested by users) and build on it.

Then, you use guards to save it.  The guards will protect it and the main character will also help protect it.

In sleep mode for the 3DS or 2DS, the game will earn play coins and also slowly upgrade.

The Player can also choose which side to play in.

Goomba's Side- 1.2 Update

Goomba Minions- Minions on the Goomba Side. (10 coins)

Mario- A well protected attacker. (30 coins (In the game) each)

Para Goomba- A Goomba with extra shield. (50 coins)

Diddy Kong- A strong thrower that is also well protected (50 coins)

Wario- A way better Mario for the game. (60 coins)

Giant Goomba- 10x the size of a Goomba. (200 coins)

Koopa Troopa's Side- 1st Update

Koopa Troopa Minions- Minions on the Koopa Troopa's Side. (10 coins)

Luigi- A well protected attacker. (30 coins)

Para Koopa Troopa- A Koopa Troopa with extra shield. (50 coins)

Donkey Kong- A strong thrower that is also well protected. (80 coins)

Walugi- A way better Luigi for the game. (60 coins)

Red Shell Troopa- A red shelled uncrackable troopa. (45 coins)

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