In Flippity Flop, the Player will obtain Flops. These Flops can be used to either Fight, Run, Shake Off or Race other Flops controlled by players from all around the world. Players can obtain Carrots to buy characters in the game. They are always obtained in running, always obtained by attacking in fighting, always obtained by shaking really hard in Shake Off, and always obtained by coming in 1st place in Race.


Character: Description Running Sped Attack Power Racing Speed Shaking Power Carrot Cost
Plomo Your average little flopping- up flop. 10 kph 30% Accurate 30 kph Normal N/A
Mini-Mide Your jumpy little flop. 30 kph 44% Accurate 90 kph Weak 9000 Carrots
Cilla Your way too speedy flop. 60 kph 39%


120 kph Normal 20,000 Carrots
Kiwi Your explosive angry flop. 45 kph 57%


60 kph kph Strong 17,300


More coming up! ??

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