Divisor is a car company. It has different branches.



Items: Cart Parts, AWD Drive, FM + CD Player, Max Speed 200 kph, Max people 6, Night Automatic Headlight

Colours: Black, Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange

Eco Gro

Items: Car Parts, AWD Drive, Plant Using Gas, FM + CD Player, Max Speed 160 kph, Max people 6, Solar Powered

Colours: Green, White and Yellow

Specific Brand:


Items: Car Parts, Stript and Spotty Design, Rough Edged Wheels, Video Player and FM + CD Player, Phone + Tablet Charger, Max People 10, Max Speed 280 kph, Rooftops, Extendable seats + 2 People, Wifi Area, Entertainment System for child

Colours: White with Black Stripes, Yellow with Brown Spots