Divide 3000 Style Games Wrap-Up is a collaboration between Divide 3000 Games.


The game takes place in a sweet factory where cookies (And games) are made. Naren3000, the owner of the Factory, has come on request of Divide 3000 Games to help Master Mime KirbiMiroir make the BEST GAMES EVER!

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

This game is based on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, showing the adventures of a younger Ceodore who is lost in a giant cookie and needs help from his friends to stop The Ceator from turning the cookie into a planet-eating demon.

Bloons Tower Defence

This game tells the story of Samuel Dart, an aspiring Dart Monkey who has to stop the bloons from turning into dimension-consuming candies.

Plants Vs. Zombies

(I'm still working on it)