Prickle Prackle is a show featuring the main protogonist, Prickle and Prackle. They are two cacti that have battles and are eventually chosen by their owner.


United Cacti


Prickle, Prackle

Taken Place:


The First Battle:


Prickle, Prackle, Gorbflop, Bobbpip (Gorbflop's minions)

Taken Place:

Prickle and Prackle's Home

Hope For Love:


Prickle, Prackle, Hector, Hector's Dad, Hector's Mom

Taken Place:

Desert, Car, Hector's House

A Good Deed:


Hector, Prickle, Prackle, Heggin

Taken Place:

Hector's House, Hector's School, Outside

Prick The Halls:

Characters: Prickle, Prackle, Hector, Hector's Dad, Hector's Mom, George (Hector's Cousin), George's Dad, George's Mom

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