These is a TV Channel for kids, not for us. You'll see that it's also good to use a gaming company also as a TV

Divide 3000 Channel


In the future

Owned by

Divide 3000 Games

Picture format

1080i (HDTV) 480i (SDTV)




Entire World



Broadcast area

Whole World


12:00 AM: Pokemon

12:25 AM: It's Movie Time

12:30 AM: Prickle Prackle


12:57 AM: Talk...

1:00 AM: Sonic The Hedgehog

1:26 AM: Talk...

1:30 AM: Arthur (U.S and CAD)

1:56 AM: Talk...

2:00 AM: Planty Rotate

2:28 AM: Talk..

2:30 AM: Planty Rotate

2:58 AM: Angry Birds Toons

3:00 AM: TMNT

3:28 AM: Angry Birds Toons

3:30 AM: Phineas and Ferb

3:54 AM: Talk..

4:00 AM: Wild Kratts

4:28 AM: Angry Birds Toons

4:30 AM: Shaun The Sheep (Mon-Wed) or Prickle Prackle (Thurs-Sun)

4:58 AM: Angry Birds Toons

5:00 AM: Sonic The Hedgehog

5:27 AM: Talk...

5:30 AM: Fairly Odd Parents (Mon - Wed) or Odd Squad (Thurs - Sun)

5:58 AM: Angry Birds Toons

6:00 AM: Wild Kratts (Tue-Thurs) or Pink Panther (Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun)

6:28 AM: Angry Birds Toons

6:30 AM: Pink Panther (Mon-Fri) or Duck Dome (Sat-Sun)

7:00 AM: Spongebob Squarepants (Mon-Fri) or Wild Kratts (Sat-Sun)

7:23 AM: Ads

7:30 AM: The Amazing World Of Gumball (Mon-Fri) Spongebob Squarepants (Sat-Sun)

7:53 AM: Ads

8:00 AM: Arthur (Mon-Thurs) or Fairly Odd Parents (Fri-Sun)

8:23 AM: Ads

8:30 PM: TMNT (Mon-Thurs) or Odd Squad (Fri-Sun)

8:53 AM: Ads

9:00 AM: Pokemon (Mon-Wed) or Shaun Sheep (Thu-Sun)

9:23 AM: Ads

9:30 AM: Pink Panther (Mon-Sun)

9:53 AM: Ads

10:00 AM: Shaun The Sheep (Mon - Thurs) or Quadruple Podcruple (Fri-Sun)

10:23 AM: Ads

10:30 AM: Adventure Time

11:23 AM: Ads

12:00 PM: Jungle Book (Mon - Fri) or Pokemon (Sat - Sun)

12:23:PM: Ads

12:30 PM: Odd Squad (Mon - Sun) or Fairly Odd Parents (Tues)

12:53 PM: Finding Stuff Out (Mon- Fri) or Duck Dome (Sat-Sun)

1:00 PM: Jungle Book (Mon - Wed) or Pink Panther (Thurs - Sun)

1:23 PM: Ads

1:30 PM: Spongebob Squarepants (Mon-Fri) or Shaun The Sheep (Sat-Sun)

1:53: Ads

2:00 PM: Phineas and Ferb (Mon - Sun) or Pokemon (Tues and Thurs)

2:23 PM: Peppa Pig

2:30 PM: TMNT (Mon - Thurs) or Wild Kratts (Fri - Sun)

2:53 PM: Angry Birds Toons

2:57 PM: Angry Birds Toons

3:00 PM: Pink Panther (Mon - Thurs) or Spongebob SquarePants (Fri - Sun)

3:23 PM: Talk...

3:30 PM: Prickle Prackle (Mon-Wed) or Duck Dome (Fri-Sun)

3:53 PM: Ads

4:00 PM: Amazing World Of Gumball (Mon and Thurs) or The Quadruple Podcluple

4:23 PM: Talk..

4:30 PM: Pink Panther

4:52 PM: Ads

5:00 PM: Prickle Prackle (Mon-Fri) or Sonic The Hedgehog (Tues, Sat, Sun)