Diverse is a game made by Divide 3000 Games.

You can create characters and complete quests to get items. As you pass levels you will unleash different species of Div3000s. Take care of the world as your world grows with people. Be sure to go in every city! You have to also complete episodes with quests and battles to get some items for your house. Gems can be used to speed up proccess and when creating a baby, you get to choose the features of the mom and dad ONLY.


Imagine... 10 years before the tragedy happened. Turn boring lands into AMAZING TOURISM! Meet the new guys, Whiffensham, Toadwel and Tictus along with more new ones. It is the only time you bring you own Div3000 to LIFE! Finish Episodes and get Elemental Div30000's!


Flippin' Flinn

More coming by Jimmy2004









Bold = New

E-Div3000's (Elemental Div30000's):

Flamefort (Fire)

Squirt (Water)

Big Boulder (Earth)

Plantrap (Plant)

Zappor (Electric)


I'm Alive

Create a Div3000.

Rewards: 100 Coins


Turn your Div3000 into a mayor.

Rewards: 100 Coins


Create a character with a Toadwel head.

Rewards: 1 Piece of Fur

A Place

Build a home for your Div3000.

Rewards: 1 Gem

1 More?

Build a home for the other Div3000.

Gender Wise

Choose a gender for both your Div3000s.

Reward: 1 Gold


Create a female Div3000.

Reward: 50 Coins


Create a male Div3000.

Reward: 50 Coins

City Hall

Create a City Hall for your mayor.

Rewards: 2 Gems

A Little Bigger

Expand your house.

Fire Taker!

Employ your Toadwel a firefighter job.

Whipped Up

Create a character with a Whiffensham head.

Ahoy Cactus

Create a character with a Tictus head.

City View

View out the whole city.

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