Maxe is a character in Div3000s. He drives and is very active. He is 9 years old and is a male.

Flinn has a cheer which he says, "Maxe to the max!".

He Has 65 Health.


  • Maxe's cheer is, "Maxe to the max!".

Pok (Level 0) (Does 3 Damage To Opponent)

Defend (Level 0) (Protects You By 86 More Health) Dissappears at 54/65

Echo (Level 12) (Does 18 Damage To Opponent) Dissappears at 49/65

Kick (Level 29) (Does 27 Damage To Opponent) Dissappears at 36/65

Shield (Level 34) (Protects You By 260 More Health) Disspears at 27/65

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