This is where the Moms,Dads,Grandparents etc. go.


Dad's Side Mom's Side Brothers
Firman (Dad) Jordan (Mom) Bill (Dad's Side), Tyler (Dad's Side) and Jeff (Mom's Side)
Chris (Grandpa/Firman's Dad) Jen (Grandma/Jordan's Mom) Silka (Dad's Side), Bensin (Dad's Side), Verukka (Mom's Side) and Jill (Mom's Side)
Clara (Grandma/Firman's Mom) John (Grandpa/Jordan's Dad) George II (Dad's Side), Kyle (Dad's Side) and Jack (Mom's Side)
George I (Great Grandpa/Chris' Dad) Juka (Great Grandma/Jen's Mom) Sherman (Dad's Side), Luke (Mom's Side) and David (Mom's Side)
Juvina (Great Grandma/Chris' Mom) Gilbert (Great Grandpa/Jen's Dad) Chucky (Dad's Side) and Davidson (Mom's Side)
Miller (Great Grandpa/Clara's Dad) Hera (Great Grandma/John's Mom) Vincent III (Dad's SIde) and N/A
Christina (Great Grandma/Clara's Mom) Richard (Great Grandpa/John's Dad) N/A
Vincent I (Great Great Grandpa/George I's Dad) Lucy (Great Great Grandma/Juka's Mom) N/A
Sara (Great Great Grandma/George I's Mom) Logan (Great Great Granpa/Juka's Dad) N/A


Dad's Side Mom's Side Brothers:
Bob (Dad) Sam (Mom) ??
Shaun (Grandpa/ Bob's Dad) Tina (Grandma/ Sam's Mom) ??
Georgina (Grandma/ Bob's Mom) Tom (Grandpa/Sam's Dad) ??
Vincent II (Great Grandpa/Shaun's Dad) Ella (Great Grandma/Tina's Mom) ??
Elizabeth (Great Grandma/Shaun's Mom) Patrick (Great Grandpa/Tina's Dad) ??
Chuck IV (Great Grandpa/Georgina's Dad) Patricia (Great Grandma/Tom's Mom) ??
Stella (Great Grandma/Georgina's Mom) Chuck III (Great Grandma/Tom's Dad) ??
Vincent I (Great Great Grandpa/Vincent II's Dad) Lucy (Great Great Grandma/ Ella's Mom) ??
Sara (Great Great Grandma/Vincent II's Mom) Logan (Great Great Grandpa/ Ella's Dad N/A


Dad's Side: Mom's Side: Siblings:
Miles (Dad/Yorker's Dad) Phila (Mom/Yorker's Mom) Garth (Dad's Side), Mason (Dad's Side), Persia (Mom's Side), Kyle (Mom's Side) and Leo (Mom's Side)
Jabb (Dad/Miles' Dad) Clarke (Grandma/Yorker's Grandma) Merton (Dad's Side), Shawn (Mom's Side), Vute (Mom's Side) and Mandy (Mom's Side)
Tia (Mom/Miles' Mom) Wilson (Grandma/Yorker's Grandpa)