Busting Breakthrough is a game that is first available for PS. It is the first game to add different elements for characters in Divide 3000 Games.



Nice and speedy but a little chilly.


Whoosh the waves go before your eyes flow.


Needs some growing to do before you can boo and boo.


Rock and Wock ROCK. ROCK ROCK ROCK! The full flock!!!


Countryside Hills:

  • 45 levels
  • 3 enemies
  • 5 theme songs (Tutorial, Try it out!, Grassy Ways, Full Reverse, Boss Battle)
  • Wind blows during certain times.
  • Bad guys willl chase you.
  • 135 stars in-total.

Great Lakes:

  • 60 levels
  • 3 enemies
  • 3 theme songs (Tutorial, Try it out Lakes!, Boss Battle)
  • Waves can drown: Grass, Fire and Erode Rock.
  • 180 stars in-total.

Highway 21:

  • 60 levels
  • 4 enemies
  • 4 theme songs (Tutorial, Try it out Highway!, Getting Closer, Boss Battle)
  • Cars may cause fire.
  • Cars will try to crash you.
  • Bad guys will chase you.
  • 180 stars in-total.

Train To Death:

  • 15 levels
  • 1 enemy
  • 2 theme songs (Tutuorial and Boss Battle)
  • One track.
  • Bad guys will try to beat you in to the fall.
  • Spaces between each cart.
  • Bad guys will have guns.
  • 45 stars in-total.

Frosted Caves:

  • 45 levels
  • 3 enemies
  • 4 theme songs (Tutorial, Try it out Frost!, Chili Power, Boss Battle)
  • Chills freeze water, fire, rock and slows down ice.
  • Gravitational pull.
  • Wood can be found.
  • 135 stars in-total.

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