Ambience is a horror game by Divide 3000 Games, though the lead developer will be Wikia-Critic. It will be released on the 31st of Halloween, 2???. It will be a first-person game where to explore throughout a withered mansion surrounded by a sinister forest. Though as you expand your knowledge on this haunted area, you find out that there's a twisted monster wandering around the same place you're trapped in called Dementisted..


Chapter 1 ~ Trapped In Awe

Dementisted AI - 1-3


Chapter 2 ~ Pain Of His

Dementisted AI - 3-10


Chapter 3 ~ Basement Maze-meant

Dementisted AI - 10-14


Chapter 4 ~ The Escape

Dementisted AI - 14-20



Chapter D1 ~ Back to the Horror

Dementisted AI - 20


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